Coobber(peachTofu Catlitter)水蜜桃豆腐猫砂
天然100%豌豆纤维制成,无添加有害物质。 超低粉尘、抗菌、可快速吸附异味,长时间维持清新舒适。 采用天然什锦仪的素材,无添加任何化学成分。 瞬间吸水力强,结团好,用量省,且除臭效果更好。 低粉尘设计,对于人体及猫咪本身不会造成呼吸道伤害。 成分: 豌豆纤维、淀粉、瓜尔胶。 使用说明: 倒入猫砂约3-4公分量,不用每次全部更新,将使用过部分丢弃,再重新加入新的猫砂到原来的高度即可。 可直接冲入马桶,又可环保,并不会造成环境污染破坏。 (约2.5KG) 产地:中国
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  1. Biodegradable: Tofu cat litter is made from natural soybean fibers, making it an eco-friendly and biodegradable option. This reduces its environmental impact compared to clay-based litters, which do not decompose easily.

  2. Absorbent: Tofu cat litter is highly absorbent, helping to quickly soak up liquid waste and reduce odors. Its porous structure allows it to hold more liquid, resulting in better odor control.

  3. Low dust: Tofu cat litter produces significantly less dust than clay-based litters, which is beneficial for both cats and their owners. Reduced dust levels can help minimize respiratory issues and allergies for both cats and humans.

  4. Soft texture: The texture of tofu cat litter is gentle on a cat's paws, making it more comfortable for them to use compared to some other litters.

  5. Lightweight: Tofu cat litter is lighter than many traditional litters, making it easier to transport and handle when cleaning or refilling the litter box.

  6. Flushable: Some tofu cat litters are flushable and can be safely disposed of in the toilet, making cleanup more convenient. 

  7. Non-toxic: Tofu cat litter is made from natural ingredients and is generally considered non-toxic, which is particularly important if your cat has a habit of ingesting litter.